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02 May, 2006

Rob Hunt 'King of the Blues'  Regional Finalist



Ever year Guitar Center kicks of  Guitarmageddon  the national guitar players competition. Guitarist from all around the U.S.A. compete against each other at local stores in each state in an effort to make it to the finals.

Guitar Center held the first Guitarmageddon guitar competition in 2003 where Andy Wood of Knoxville, TN was the winner that year. 

The finalist get to open up the show for great bands like Cheap Trick, Eric Clapton and this year B.B. King.

Last  Wednesday  Rob  Hunt  was a winner at the 2006 Guitarmageddon district finals guitar competition at  the Guitar Center, Plano. He won a Gibson SG and some other swag.

Rob will continue on to the Regional Finals which will be held on May 17, 2006 in Nashville, TN. 

Rob of The Rob Hunt Band is a local guitarist who plays in the Dallas area and a frequent customer at The Guitar Shop in Richardson, TX. We are all pulling for Rob!


Guitar Center has been around since the 60's when Wayne Mitchell purchased a small appliance and home organ store in Hollywood California. In 1964, Joe Banaran, President of the Thomas Organ Company, approached Wayne in search of an outlet to sell a new line of guitars and amplifiers, called Vox.

The Guitar Center started in  Hollywood, CA in  1959 as the demand for guitars grew so did the Guitar Center..

A selection of guitars in the original Hollywood store.

Guitar Center expanded and eventually opened the second store at a location in San Fransisco, CA in  1972.

The North Chicago store in 1980, once a grocery store became the first musical "Superstore" and the eighth Guitar Center store in the chain. With it's high ceilings and imposing displays of guitars it set the tone for the future.

The Guitar Center has been around a long time and continues to grow. I bought my first Krammer guitar at the Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, CA back in 1988. Many of us have come to depend on the store for whatever it is we need, strings, pics, effects and guitars. 




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