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25 February, 2006

Rob Hunt Blues Jam at  Deep Ellum Blues

Every Thursday the Rob Hunt Band hosts a Blues Jam at Deep Ellum Blues in Dallas, TX. After the first set  local musicians are given the opportunity to  sit-in for a few songs with the band. 

Rob Hunt is a local  musician who has developed quite a following around Dallas. He plays in the styles of Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Albert King to name a few.

Deep Ellum Blues is a great venue that  has been promoting  live blues based  music since 2004. Next Saturday March 4th,  the Rob Hunt Band will be opening for Nashville based singer/producer  Tom Hambridge .


The Rob Hunt Band with David Johnsen- bass guitar,  Barry Neil-drums and Rob Hunt-lead guitar & vocals.  Rob plays loud, hard and fast in the tradition of  contemporary Texas Blues guitarists. With only three members in the band everyone has to give 100%.
Barry Neil is one of the best drummers we've seen in the Dallas Metro area. It's never easy to get a clear shot of the drummer when he is behind a full kit. Bassist David Johnsen definitely has got the chops. He plays a Sadowsky  bass and has  great tone. Overall the band has a great sound.
Rob is a real performer and one of the few I've seen  actually plays to 'his' audience. Rob plays his  gold 62' re-issue Strat with Texas Special pickups.   Rob's  rig consists of two custom  Fender  tweed amps which were custom built by Sewell Amps.  A 62' R.I. Strat, Hammer (with P-90s) and an array of effects.
 Rob's effects loop  includes an Ibanez DE7 Delay, CS9 Stereo Chorus, a Blue Screamer (rare), Fulltone Fat Boost and a Vox Wah-wah. We came out tonight to hear the Rob Hunt Band see our friend David " Doc" Holliday  play guitar. David played with Edgar and Johnny Winter of White Trash back in the day. David is a great friend and guitarist. Ray (left) and Doc (right).
The band took a break and we headed back to the bar for a few drinks. Billy and I were reviewing the event calendar for  Deep Ellum Blues. Looks like the Rob Hunt Band will be opening  for Tom Hambridge on March 4th 2006. . Tom  received a 2005 Grammy nomination for his role as producer of  Johnny Winterís newest recording "Iím a Blues Man.". Great work Tom, can't wait to see you in Dallas, TX.
 Lovely Melissa, our Bartender, took care of us and did a great job. We never had to wait long for our drinks. Looks like she is an R.H.B. fan also.. Rob Hunt and the band got back up on stage and Doc joined in  for a song. They played  'You Better Leave My Girl Alone', an SRV song.
Rob and Doc played rhythm together. Doc played a solo  and then Rob led in. They sounded great together! Rob that Hammer  sounds great . Rob is one of the few players who does the SRV stuff.
John Harris was up next. He sings and plays a mean Strat. If everyone sounds as good as John  does we will be back every Thursday night.  Back at the bar Melissa is mixing a double-shot of something... good,  I'm sure. I'll just have a beer.

You've gotta check out the Rob Hunt Band next week. Remember they play every Thursday at Deep Ellum Blues. It's a great way to get tuned up for the weekend!  




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